Defining an ambition is one thing; working together,

with your entire organization, to give substance to that ambition is quite another. Where do we want to go and how do we do that? Does ambition fit the character of our (family) business? Can we as a non-profit organization realize this ambition in the backdrop of changing laws and regulations, shrinking returns and regionally, close to the citizen? Is there sufficient support for this ambition within our company?    

What can BDO mean in terms of strategy and values?   
Determining and formulating a new or changed strategic course is a process in which many managers and entrepreneurs seek help. BDO offers that help. But BDO goes the extra mile. Once your newly formulated ambition is on paper, we like to get to work on the most difficult phase: the implementation and realization of that ambition. We will stand beside you. Without technocratic glasses, but with an eye for the people, the culture and the circumstances. We support you in communication, create support and offer you the knowledge and experience needed to turn paper ambitions into pragmatic, practical and achievable results.   

We listen, ask the tough questions, spar and collaborate. From our multidisciplinary approach and years of experience, we add value to this beautiful but often complex process.     

  • Our advisors help entrepreneurs and boards to be on the same page. In doing so, we reflect together on the following topics:    

  • Organizational values: establishing a clear focus is crucial. It forms the basis for all choices made later.     

  • Owner strategy: what role does the company have for the owner(s) and what are the goals the owner(s) have with the company? Consider issues such as retention, acquisition, sale or making a return.    

  • Organizational strategy: based on the owner strategy, we flesh out the organizational strategy. What do we stand for? (mission), what are we going for? (vision) and how will we realize this?     

  • Realization/execution: how do we ensure together that the plans are actually realized and how do we include the organization and the stakeholders in this?  

Determine Ambition  
As an entrepreneur or manager, how do you determine your ambition? Who do you involve, at what point and how do you communicate about it? We have expert consultants in various industries in-house who can support you as a process facilitator. Where necessary, we can fall back on a large number of specialist advisors. Our approach from day one? How to create support, commitment and realism by not letting ambitions get bogged down in utopian and unfeasible plans.   

Realize ambition  
We understand that there is no standard approach to implementing a strategy. It requires a broad view. At the company, the organization, the culture and the people. To realize a strategy, we work with a largely self-developed set of tools and scientifically based. It is tailored to the person in the organization and the person behind the employee. We combine head, heart and gut; together we arrive at a roadmap, and we are aware that the road is never straight but always meanders, and therefore requires adjustment. Where do we want to go, which personal considerations and ambitions play a role, which laws and regulations determine the frameworks, which pull forces are at play and how can we best intervene to maintain our course?  

Confront and inspire  
When realizing your ambition and implementing the related organizational changes, we build a team led by a process director. He or she is the permanent point of contact, the booster who brings in the necessary specialties at the right time. In practice, a top-down approach often does not work. A strategy should not be a surprise, but a coherent plan that is supported by your organization and your people. We confront and inspire, optimize processes, create space and movement; in short, we help to realize ambitions and improve performance by guiding complex transformations and creating the necessary energy for successful change.