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  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

In a world where computers are increasingly becoming part of society, they are also taking over more and more work. By using Robotic Process Automation (RPA), organizations can take over repetitive and labor-intensive tasks of employees.

What is RPA?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has a lot of people thinking that there are physical robots involved. With RPA, however, it's all about computer-coded software, which can take over the operation of IT systems and applications from people. With this technology organizations can automate repetitive tasks and human actions. This allows employees to work more efficiently and focus on tasks that add more value. This form of robotics does not require farreaching IT knowledge. BDO delivers the software bots configured and ready-to-use. This allows organizations to get started quickly with RPA without major investments. 

When is a process suitable for RPA?

BDO uses multiple criteria to determine whether a process or process step is suitable for RPA:

  • What are the measurable results like cost savings, quality, efficiency and lead time?
  • What is the volume and frequency?
  • Is the process is subject to change on a short-term?
  • Is the input for the process standard and consistent?

The BDO Vison

We are convinced that organizations can achieve a lot of benefits by using software robots:

  • RPA offers many organizations opportunities to work cheaper and more flexible than traditional solutions.
  • RPA provides a substantial cost reduction, on average 30% to 60% per automated process.
  • By working fully standardized and with fewer mistakes the quality increases.
  • Another important advantage is that a software bots can perform non-stop 24/7, without hold-ups at peak times. This can lead to a decreased lead time of up to 80%. Also, employees don’t spend time on routine work, which in our experience increases employee satisfaction.
  • Within a short time frame, between 3 to 6 months, the RPA implementation costs could be recouped.
  • Capacity can also quick and easily be increased or reduced, without a long preparation phase. This makes the solution scalable and flexible. By using smart checks possible fraud can be prevented

In short; RPA offers your company new perspectives.

Use Cases

RPA is applied where frequent and repetitive tasks are being performed manually. This makes RPA valuable for supporting processes in every branch or sector. In the recent period BDO gained a lot of experience within the RPA field. Different types of software robots have already been developed:

Data Migration Robot

Data is extracted from certain applications and saved in the document management system.

Data Processing Robot

Requests come in via e-mail or (for example) ServiceNow and the correct adjustments are made in the application.

Integrity Check Robot

Our robot checks the integrity of the customer using Google, Chamber of Commerce and Company information and collects and orders all information.

Customer Desk Robot

Automation of the process of creating and registering new customers.

BDO way of working 

Our approach aims to introduce customers with RPA quickly and in their own context. Based on a positive business case, we will build the first robot as a Proof of Concept. After, we will continually support you with the further implementation and roll out of this and other robots. All in close collaboration with you as a customer.