Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Is changing the way organizations operate.

It is a technology that enables organizations to automate repetitive and labor-intensive tasks using computer-coded software. This technology allows employees to work more efficiently by automating mundane tasks and actions, freeing up their time to focus on more valuable tasks.   
BDO offers ready-to-use software bots that can be quickly configured to get started with RPA without significant investments. With measurable results such as cost savings, quality, efficiency, and lead time, as well as volume and frequency, process stability, and input consistency to determine whether a process or process step is suitable for RPA.   

The use of software robots can offer numerous benefits for organizations:  

  • RPA provides opportunities for organizations to work more cost-effectively and flexibly compared to traditional solutions.  

  • Organizations can achieve a substantial cost reduction, averaging between 30% to 60% per automated process, through RPA implementation.  

  • By standardizing the process and reducing errors, the quality of work improves.  

  • Software bots can perform tasks non-stop, 24/7, without any hold-ups during peak times, resulting in an up to 80% decreased lead time. Additionally, employees can focus on non-routine tasks, which improves job satisfaction.  

  • Organizations can recoup their RPA implementation costs within a brief period of 3 to 6 months.  

  • The solution is easily scalable and flexible, allowing for quick and easy increases or reductions in capacity. Furthermore, the use of smart checks can prevent possible fraud.  

Use Cases:  

RPA is a valuable tool for supporting processes in every sector, particularly where frequent and repetitive tasks are performed manually. BDO has gained extensive experience in the field of RPA and has developed several types of software robots, including:  

  • Data Migration Robot: Extracts data from specific applications and saves it in the document management system.  

  • Data Processing Robot: Processes requests received through email or ServiceNow, and makes the necessary adjustments in the application.  

  • Integrity Check Robot: Verifies customer integrity using Google, Chamber of Commerce, and Company information and collects and orders all relevant data.  

  • Customer Desk Robot: Automates the process of creating and registering new customers.  

 BDO’s way of working:  
Our approach to introducing clients to RPA is quick and customized to their context. We start by building the first robot as a Proof of Concept based on a positive business case. We then continue to support our clients with the further implementation and rollout of this and other robots, in close collaboration.   



If you're looking to streamline your organization's processes, increase efficiency, and save costs, then RPA could be the solution you've been searching for. Contact us today to learn more about how our professionals can help implement RPA in your business and reap its benefits. Take the first step towards digital transformation today!