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  • Appraisals


What is the actual net worth of your company? How do you determine the purchase price of a company you want to buy? An accurate estimate of your company’s worth is one of the most complex questions in business economies. It is an important subject because financial stakes are high. And naturally you do not want to receive too little or pay too much. An appraisal by an expert external party can assist you in these matters.

Several factors play a role in the appraisal of a company or parts of it. Firstly, we always research how a company has developed based on its actual figures and facts. But with appraisals we place a lot of emphasis on the current opportunities and even more on future perspectives. Our starting point is a thorough analysis of the strengths and weakness of the company. Besides that we determine precisely the important developments in the specific field, identifying threats and opportunities posed by the markets in which the company operates as well as the risk profile of the company. These are all well known areas to your BDO specialist.

In the case of appraisals, accuracy is an absolute necessity. BDO Specialist Advisory Services always works on the basis of crystal-clear business agreements with their clients and are always very precise in their reporting skills. BDO professionals have completed many similar assignments over the past years and have built up a great body of knowledge related to specific fields and individual company performances. Our appraisals concern small, medium-sized and larger firms.

Appraisals and Disputes

What is the net worth of your company? Naturally you have an idea, but what if the worth of your company leads you into conflict with other parties? What happens when other parties assess very differently the financial worth of what you have built up? When a dispute occurs due to a difference in opinion an independent appraisal by an expert external party is highly recommendable.

The professionals of BDO Specialist Advisory Services have performed such independent appraisals frequently, adhering to strict codes of conduct. When it comes to a case of arbitration our specialists are well aware of the specific procedures and can judge arguments on the basis of accuracy and acceptability.

When a dispute occurs in these matters all parties have the opportunity to explain their points of view. BDO can advise you on how to voice your opinion and how to react to the proposal of the other party. In that case our professionals serve as advocates, substantiating your arguments with clear figures. The past profits but also the future opportunities of your company play an important role in doing so. To portray an accurate picture, our specialists provide you with a thorough analysis of your company, based on its strengths and weaknesses, market opportunities and threats and a complete company risk profile.


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