For many small and medium-sized firms

obtaining bank loans can be a challenge, which affects their cost structure, profitability, and growth. BDO Specialist Advisory Services can assist you in accessing alternative and more affordable financing sources to address this issue.  

Obtaining Financing Support   
As an entrepreneur seeking financing for your business plan, you must be well-prepared and provide your bank with a significant amount of information, including your business plan and financial reports. BDO's specialists can advise you on finance-related queries in growth and turnaround situations, from early financing needs assessment to the drafting of a finance memorandum and supervising the financing process.  

Optimizing Current Financing   
Credit agreements may have been established in the distant past, based on past profits and projections, and have not been updated to reflect the current situation or interest rates. It is therefore recommended to reassess existing finance agreements regularly to optimize them and save your company money. Our advisors are available to assist you in evaluating your options.   

If you are a small or medium-sized business struggling to obtain bank loans or looking to optimize your current financing, BDO Specialist Advisory Services can help. Contact our expert to advise on accessing less expensive and broader financing sources, estimating your financing needs, drafting a finance memorandum, and supervising the process of obtaining financing. Don't let financing challenges hold back your business growth - act now and contact us today.