PJIAH Supervisory Board Member

The Supervisory Board of Directors (SBoD) of the Princess Juliana International Airport Holding Company (PJIAH) is responsible for supervising the overall management of the Holding and the related enterprise. The SBoD monitors the Managing Board’s performance and the general operations within PJIAH. Core responsibilities include ensuring adherence to laws, bylaws, and internal and external regulations, assessing PJIAH's risk profile and internal controls, and acting as both an employer and strategic advisor to the Managing Board (MB), as well as an ambassador for the Holding.



The SBoD should comprise a balanced mix of individuals, ensuring that the collective experience, expertise, and independence of its members fulfill the requisite criteria to effectively undertake their duties to PJIAH and its shareholder, in alignment with relevant legal standards. The board should consist of three to seven qualified individuals specializing in legal, financial, or aviation/organizational fields.



The primary function of the SBoD is to counsel and oversee the Management Board of PJIAH, regularly reviewing the Holding's business development, as well as the MB's planning and strategy.



  • Must possess a Bachelor's or higher degree finance, or aviation, with at least 10 years of senior managerial experience.
  • Capable of providing a comprehensive overview and discerning primary from secondary issues.
  • Skilled in timely and effectively guiding and advising the MB’s policies.
  • Should act as a consultative body for various policy discussions.
  • Experienced in decision-making, with a decisive and influential approach.
  • Ability to evaluate PJIAH’s management regarding the acceptance of business risks.
  • Competent in inspecting PJIAH’s records for accuracy and reliability.
  • Strong analytical skills to critically evaluate PJIAH’s budgets and financial statements.
  • Experienced in aviation and airport management.
  • Advocates for leadership development and advises on HR management policies.
  • Provides counsel on matters specific to aviation, transportation, or tourism sectors.
  • Advises on initiatives related to innovation, automation, and digitalization.
  • Understands basic corporate governance principles.
  • Exhibits impeccable character and must clear an integrity screening.
  • Committed to dedicating ample time to their board duties.
  • Engages in ongoing professional development to stay current in the field.
  • Effective interpersonal skills to maintain robust relationships with various stakeholders.
  • No potential conflicts of interest with PJIAH or related entities.
  • Embodies the core values and culture of PJIAH.

    Application process:

    Candidates interested in joining the Supervisory Board should            submit their resume and cover letter by May 31st, 2024, to:


    Recruitment committee Supervisory Board of Princess Juliana   

    International Airport Holding ('PJIAH')    

    and e-mail it to:




    Please reference your application as "Application for Supervisory      Board member of PJIAH"