Our Vision

BDO stands for entrepreneurship. We let your entrepreneurial spirit thrive while we take care of bothersome rules and regulations and complicated financial figures. Our professionals support your business while you focus your full attention on your core mission, building a successful and profitable enterprise.

What do we do at BDO?

BDO is an accountancy firm with offices in Curacao, Bonaire and St. Maarten. The fifty professionals working at BDO have a strong and direct relationship with their clients. Each of our clients has at least one and often even two account managers/contact persons at BDO with in-depth knowledge of their business and their entire sector. Our professionals know exactly what needs to be done to provide you with excellent service and support. We strive to build long-term relationships based on mutual trust and understanding and support you in achieving strong profits and solid business success.

BDO has its feet firmly on the ground

Our clients often mention the fact that we are well-grounded in their business reality. And they are right! We are definitely a no-nonsense accounting and financial advisory firm and our professionals are highly educated, among the best in their field and work in a highly professional manner. BDO professionals work hard but balance their professional and private lives in a healthy and productive way. With our pragmatic approach and practical attitude we have become one of the most proficient players in the field of accounting and financial consulting.

BDO has firm values

The distinguishing values of BDO and our entrepreneurial spirit can be summarized as follows:
We are

  • Professional and personal
  • Flexible and approachable
  • Active on a local and worldwide level
  • Reliable - we say what we do and do what we say
  • Motivated - we match the entrepreneurial spirit of our clients

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