Is my revenue model still cost-effective? How are specific aspects of my business operations doing? Telecom businesses are fighting hard to survive. Why would you pay for a text or phone call, if you can contact someone for free on Whatsapp or Skype? The growing number of free communication services only further increases the pressure on telecom businesses. Fast-growing data usage amongst consumers is an extra challenge for the telecom sector. Nobody knows exactly how this usage will develop in the future, but that it will be an exponent of the current amount is an almost foregone conclusion.

At BDO we believe that, more than ever before, running a business in the telecom sector requires an open-mind approach. Ongoing development of services and price models is a must to remain competitive. There are plenty of opportunities. The 'Internet of things' for example, but also new partnerships, combining new and traditional services and unique content.

Our approach

If you have any doubts about your revenue model or specific aspects of your business operations? Let BDO exchange ideas with you. Our tax experts know exactly what subsidies and tax regulations will apply to you. In the event of a merger or takeover, our Mergers & Acquisitions specialists will be happy to support you. Our consultants have many years of experience in the (international) telecom sector and closely follow developments in this market. What characterises our specialists is their personal and pragmatic approach. We work in small and agile teams, together with specialists of various disciplines, if required. The teams are always headed by the relevant partners and senior managers.


If you would like BDO to help you stay ahead of the competition? Please contact one of our specialists directly. We are ready to help you.