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  • Process Mining

Process insight based on data

Big data are very popular, but digital data are still mainly used for external commercial purposes. But nowadays we are also able to measure internal processes comprehensively. These data are an excellent source for process mining: identifying internal inefficient, unnecessarily slow and ineffective processes within an organisation. Process mining has numerous advantages, from cost savings to better insight for when important management decisions are taken and eventually getting you ahead of your competition.

Every action by an employee and every step in an operational process leaves a digital trail in your organisation's systems. Advancing digitisation by process mining makes it possible to carefully read and analyse these trails. and faultlessly expose how the processes are actually running. Inefficiencies, bottlenecks and risks in an organisation mainly occur in so-called substreams. These are deviations in the routine process that employees use (whether intentionally or not) to bypass routine operations. Which information is very valuable to your management.

Our approach

In process mining we first make an inventory with you of what process information is available within your organisation. We extract the relevant data and transfer these to a user-friendly programme. We then zoom in directly on the process steps that are most interesting to you. We focus on exceptions in your data and on processes that stand out because of deviations. During this analysis we investigate what causes bottlenecks. With a few mouse clicks we can analyse and benchmark your process streams.

In summary we go through the following three steps:

  1. Collect data
  2. Prepare data
  3. Analyse and benchmark process streams


If you would like to know how BDO can help you with process mining? Please contact our specialists to arrange an introductory meeting without obligation.