• Strategy, organisation and personnel

Strategy, organisation and personnel

Achieve your family and business aims with help from BDO

In family businesses, continuity is often a more important topic than in non-family businesses. The difference is that family businesses focus more explicitly on the long term. In order to safeguard continuity, it is important that strategy starts with the owner's aims, ambitions and family values. The owner's strategy forms the framework for the business strategy and also for the organisational structure.

At BDO we notice that more and more family businesses struggle with fundamental issues, such as:

  • How do we get support for the chosen strategy within the family?
  • How can we safeguard our family values within the organisation?
  • How do we monitor owner's interests in respect of investments, dividends, risks and yield?
  • How should we assess the performance of family members within the organisation and what is appropriate remuneration?
  • How do we find the right key officials (non-family members) and how do we tie them to our business?

Our approach

For many years BDO has worked for family businesses and we have carried out numerous surveys within family businesses, which is why our advisers know your challenges as no other. We can help you with any conceivable issue where your family values need to be linked to the organisation and employees. For example:

  • Formulating owner strategy;
  • Identifying and implementing family values;
  • Exploring, enriching and validating business strategy;
  • Embedding strategy within family and organisation;
  • Remuneration and assessment of family members in the business;
  • Recruitment and selection of management positions;
  • Advice with regard to employment terms and conditions.


If you are looking for clarity about your owner and business strategy, or you are looking for more unity between your family, family values and the family business, please contact one of our specialists for an introductory meeting without any obligation. Together with you we identify the possibilities and improvement potential within your organisation.