Continuity and harmony

Continuity and harmony

Managing a family business is definitely not an easy task. There are plenty of examples of how not to do it: family businesses failing because of a conflict in the family or a succession process ending in disaster. Many debacles can be avoided by asking the right questions at the right time. Do all those involved know the arrangements about ownership, remuneration and dividends? And are they all in agreement about this?

Lack of understanding is the cause of almost all conflicts within family businesses. Family members do know each other's viewpoints, but a lack of open communication means they don't always know the reasons behind them. This results in a structural lack of trust and harmony.

Conflict-avoiding behaviour

It is the emotional bond between family members that makes it often difficult to discuss sensitive subjects such as children and partners. Generally, people have enough on their minds and are not always real 'talkers', especially when it concerns feelings. If your family members often avoid the issue with regard to important and sensitive topics, it may be time to engage an experienced expert. Sooner or later, conflict-avoiding behaviour will lead to a break of trust, tensions and confrontation, with all the resulting consequences.

Building consensus

Our specialists, who have many years of experience as objective outsiders, can make the difference.  In a confidential manner, we help you create structure and make difficult topics open to discussion. Naturally, we will make substantive contributions, propose options and help you and your family make choices and reach consensus.


If you have any questions or are interested in our services, please contact one of our specialists. We will be happy to have a discussion with you and help you safeguard the continuity in your family business, for example by means of a family charter or professional mediation.